Constructional Features
All the components are precision machined and carefully assembled to ensure smooth,trouble-free, life-long,soundless service. Special care has been taken to provide sufficient working space in between two wheels and to accommodate critical jobs. It is designed to avail maximum utilisation of grinding wheels. Specially designed grinders are also available to utilise the used residual grinding wheels of reduced diameter.
The grinder is made of high grade closed grain cast iron with minimum diameter of body accommodating motor to provide ample working space.
We provide comparatively bigger dia of shaft with longer in length made of graded steel and is mounted on deep grooved ball bearings at both ends. Grinders with two ball bearings are standard and common; but grinders with four ball bearings are also supplied at extra cost on specific request. The ball bearings are of high quality and adequately greased.The bearing housing is designed to check the ingress of abrasive dust. The shaft is threaded at both ends, right-end with right hand thread and left-end with left hand thread and suitable nuts are provided therewith.
The motor in grinder conforms to IS : 2538 of 1963. Motor windings are done with high grade super enamelled copper wire, properly insulated and impregnated with high grade Dr.Beck Varnish and are tested to withstand humid moist /damp tropical climate. Laminated stampings of high grade silicon sheets are used and minimum consumption of electrical energy is ensured together with very high performance.
Grinder type 6 BG301/101, 8 BG303/102, 10 BG304/103 is fitted with a ON/OFF rotary switch. Starters can also be provided duly mounted in the center of body at extra cost.
Each grinder contains both side wheel guards in two parts consisting of wheel-box, wheel-cover made of C.I. castings. While the wheel box remains fitted in the machine, the cover only need be removed to replace grinding wheels. Grinding machine is supplied with one rough and one medium grained wheels fitted in right and left ends.
Each grinding wheel is fitted with two nos. of C.I. casted machined washer to work as reducer which get inserted in the wheels with its bore matching the shaft dia . No plastic reducer is required.
Pedestals are fabricated from thick gauge M.S. plate and pipe and provide vibrationfree service. On special request cast iron casted pedestals are also supplied.
WATER POT Water pot is supplied on demand at extra cost to contain 1 litre to 3 litres of water as required.
Transparent eye glass is supplied on specific demand at extra cost. The size of the eye glass varies as per size of grinding machine.
MACHINE LAMP Machine lamp is available on demand at extra cost.
Motorised pump is available duly mounted with built-in tank with switch etc. at extra cost.
Drill grinding attachment is available from 1” to 3” capacity at extra cost.
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